WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

The 12-metric smart body composition scale that gives you the power to take control of your health. Monitor your weight, BMI and full body composition with QardioBase X.

iOS and Android compatible.

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Customer Reviews

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Sandra Morrison (Holland, US)

Love my new scale. Gives me info that I am looking for to make sure I am on the right track.

Jeffrey Winn (Miami, US)

Great product. Love how completely it evaluates weight, body fat, etc.

james wallace (Sydney Olympic Park, AU)
Partners well with Apple Health

I like the layout of the app too

J. Williams (Alameda, US)
Enjoying a scale for the 1st time ever!

I love all the features the QardioBaseX has to offer. I enjoy knowing what Areas I need to improve for my overall health. Having this knowledge allows me to have better convs with my medical team.

Zoltan (Budapest, HU)
Excellent products - recommended

I just decided to start to get support to my healthier life with a new and modern way. I stumbled upon Qardio's products and decided to give them a chance. I bought QardioBase X and QadrioTemp. They are amazing.
Setup: I had no problem with the setup of the products. I have successfully paired with my mobile device (Android). The step-by-step guide is really clear and understandable. I set the device up easily with WiFi and Bluetooth enabled in Adroid.
Usage: I realized that it is easier to use with getting the Qardio App running before starting to measure. In this case the synchronizatzion between the scale and the Android is seamless and fluent. It happens fast, withing a few seconds. On the other way, when the app is not running when scaling, the scale stores the measurements, and next time the connection is built is synchs automatically. Though I experienced some anomaly in usage in the beginning, a re-pairing solved the issue. It is easy to use the device in everyday life: start the app, just touch it with leg, and scale; max. one minute for all of that. That is it, super comfortable. Battery is ok, I have no issue with it, though I have it in use for only 2 months.
Product: The scale itself is super fantastic: the design is eye catching, the accuracy is super. It looks a bit fragile for the forst time, but it is actually very sturdy (above hundred kgs, and not a single squeak comes out).
App: from the app side I use Google Fit and it is supported out-of-the-box: That is great, many of the concurrent products are usable only with their dedicated app. The Qardio App is also a nice app to track your health. Moreover every Qardio product is supported including configuration options for all beside its beatifully designed user interfaces. Easy to use it for configuration or for just to have a quick overview of your health with the option to jump into any detail easily.
Overall: I am very satisfied with QardioBase X and also with QardioTemp. I use the scale amost every day -fortunately I have no need to use the QardioTemp, just tried it for now. I am sure I shall give chance for other products from Qardio.
Absolutely recommended products.

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